Our story

Sparketers at a glance

Sparketers is a boutique marketing communications agency based in Toronto, Canada. We work across Canada and the US serving industrial, technology and professional services organizations in all kinds of B2B sectors. Our core competencies are website development and content publishing. On the media side, we work with creative professionals on their productions and we produce our own work independently.

Conceived by founding partners Larry Hicock and Irene Ignatz, Sparketers was launched in Montreal in 2009 and relocated to Toronto in 2013. In 2014, we rebranded the agency when the lines between marketing and publishing were getting increasingly blurry, an exciting phenomenon in which bringing out the best in our clients’ stories brings out the best in us.

Our team

Larry Hicock, president & creative director:    Principal writer, producer-director, and project manager. Larry has worked with B2B clients in diverse local and international market sectors. A long-time content marketing evangelist, Larry attributes his skill as a business communicator to an extensive background in broadcast journalism, advertising, and industrial video. He is also a published author, a non-fiction editor and editorial consultant, and communications strategist.

Irene Ignatz, managing director:    Art director,  creative advisor and senior copy editor. Irene is the agency’s creative standards watchdog, meaning that nothing goes out the door without her stamp of approval. Wearing yet another hat, as our client services director she is usually the first point of contact for new and prospective clients.